Damaged lamp shades are often thrown away or left behind on moving day, I wanted to design a lamp that would not be treated in this manner.  

The WIGGLE light is able to completely disassemble to allow the user to flatpack the product when moving accommodation. In addition it is made of quality materials and has a creative and playful form to encourage the user to be conscious of disposing of the product.

This is the perfect product for creatives, who enjoy unusual styles of interior design. The transportable nature of this product makes it well suited for anyone who has to move accommodation regularly, commonly due to their lifestyle, student accommodation or occupation.

Basic Environmental considerations

  • All packing material is cardboard or paper meaning that it is fully recyclable in your household recycling.
  • Packaging is kept as lightweight and small as possible to reduce the carbon emissions from shipping.
  • The plastic tubing and plastic sheet are commonly recycled in your household recycling bin.
  • The steel rod, washers and wing nuts are also recycled in your household recycling. 
  •  Plywood can be recycled when separated from other wood.


Here is an example of how the full product will be packaged to ensure that all components are secure and protected. All decisions of packing material and size were made with sustainability in mind. This packaging is very compact and measures at 37 x 19 x 7 cm. 

A full pack will include…
  • 2 pre-assembled frames 
  • 1 light fitting with 240V plug
  • 1 sheet of polypropylene
  • 1 rectangle of board
  • 9 sections of threaded rod
  • 9 sections of tubing
  • 18 washers
  • 18 wing nuts